Mydemy and Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Economics Announce Collaboration to Offer Free Data Analyst Training

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BANGKOK, Thailand – Charting a new course in Thailand’s educational landscape, social enterprise Mydemy, under the leadership of CEO Jiranan Panlanatiyarak, has announced a collaborative venture with the Faculty of Economics at Chulalongkorn University. The partnership aims to offer free data analyst training to Thai learners, a critical step towards empowering Thailand’s future workforce in the digital age.

Mydemy, known for its commitment to democratising education and providing free online, career-centric courses, is aligning its mission with one of Thailand’s most respected educational institutions. The collaboration stands as a testimony to Mydemy’s and Chulalongkorn University’s shared dedication to nurturing Thai talent for the demands of the modern workforce.

“We are incredibly excited about this partnership with the Faculty of Economics at Chulalongkorn University,” shared CEO Jiranan Panlanatiyarak. “In line with our mission to reshape the future of education and ensure learning is a universal right, this initiative will empower Thai learners to gain proficiency in data analysis for free. Our ultimate aim is to build a new generation of Thai leaders, equipped to navigate the intricacies of the data-driven global economy.”

The role of data analysts has become crucial across many sectors in a world where data is becoming increasingly important. This collaboration between Mydemy and Chulalongkorn University is a significant stride towards bridging this skills gap, tailored specifically for the Thai community. The program is committed to providing Thai learners with the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive as data analysts, extending free access to world-class resources and education.

The Faculty of Economics at Chulalongkorn University, renowned for its high academic standards, will contribute its extensive expertise to provide comprehensive training in data analysis. The university’s commitment to this initiative further underlines its dedication to preparing Thai learners with globally competitive skills.

This collaboration serves as a beacon for Thai talents, merging Mydemy’s innovative approach to education with Chulalongkorn University’s rich academic tradition. It underpins Thailand’s drive to foster home-grown talent, shaping a new generation of data analysts equipped to lead the nation forward in the digital age. The partnership not only promises to transform the Thai educational landscape but also stands as a model for future educational initiatives.