Mydemy and TUSAA Academy Collaborate to Elevate Leadership Skills for 15,000 Thai Individuals

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BANGKOK, Thailand – In a significant move, leading social enterprise Mydemy, headed by CEO Jiranan Panlanatiyarak, has announced a strategic collaboration with the Thai U.S. Student Alumni Association (TUSAA) Academy. The partnership aims to enhance leadership skills amongst a robust network of more than 15,000 Thai individuals, setting new standards in leadership development.

TUSAA, a notable association that has a diverse membership of more than 15,000 Thai individuals who have participated in a variety of U.S. programs like Fulbright, IVLP, YSEALI, and Global UGrad, has a steadfast commitment to fostering leadership capabilities. With a committee appointed for a two-year term, TUSAA is now aligning its efforts with Mydemy, with the shared aim of delivering an unparalleled leadership learning experience.

Mydemy is known for its commitment to democratizing education. Offering free online, career-oriented courses that align with the demands of the modern workforce, Mydemy is uniquely positioned to amplify TUSAA’s leadership training efforts. Through this collaboration with TUSAA Academy, Mydemy is striving not just to create learners but to cultivate future leaders, thereby redefining leadership training for the Thai population.

“We’re absolutely thrilled about this collaboration with TUSAA Academy,” said CEO, Jiranan Panlanatiyarak. “Aligned with our mission to reshape the future of education and make learning a universal right, this initiative will enhance the learning journeys of at least 15,000 individuals from TUSAA. Our aim is to foster a new generation of Thai leaders, who are ready to take on global challenges.”

The collaboration promises to create a dynamic learning ecosystem for Thai talents. By integrating Mydemy’s innovative approach to education with TUSAA’s proven leadership development framework, it aims to deliver industry-leading leadership programs, thus nurturing leaders with a global mindset.

The collaboration of these two premier organizations signals a significant milestone in Thai education. This partnership reinforces Thailand’s dedication to elevating its talent to meet international standards. This ambitious initiative looks set to transform the Thai educational landscape and create a new precedent for future educational collaborations.