Ideation & Creation of Wireframes

NocNoc · March 17, 2023
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Welcome to NocNoc’s Ideation & Creation of Wireframes course, exclusively available on the MyDemy platform! This hands-on course will guide you through the process of transforming user research insights into actionable design ideas and creating wireframes that serve as the foundation for intuitive, user-friendly digital products. You’ll explore ideation techniques, information architecture, and the essential components of wireframes while developing the skills needed to effectively communicate your design concepts to stakeholders and collaborate with cross-functional teams.


  1. Ideation: Discover various ideation techniques, such as brainstorming, mind mapping, and sketching, to help you generate innovative design solutions that meet user needs. Learn how to evaluate and prioritize your ideas to drive the design process forward.
  2. Information Architecture: Understand the principles of information architecture and learn how to create a well-structured, organized, and easily navigable design that effectively communicates your ideas and enhances the user experience.
  3. Basic Components in the Wireframes: Learn about the fundamental components of wireframes, such as layout, typography, and visual hierarchy, and how to use these elements to create clear, concise, and effective design representations.
  4. All About the Wireframes: Master the art of creating wireframes, from low-fidelity sketches to high-fidelity digital representations, and learn how to effectively communicate your design ideas to stakeholders through wireframing. Explore various wireframing tools and techniques that streamline the design process and facilitate collaboration among team members.

By the end of this NocNoc course on MyDemy, you will have a strong understanding of ideation techniques, information architecture, and wireframe creation, allowing you to effectively translate user needs into actionable design concepts. This course is perfect for UX/UI designers, product managers, and anyone interested in honing their skills in the ideation and wireframing stages of the design process. Expand your design capabilities and take your digital products to the next level with the Ideation & Creation of Wireframes course.

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