Deep Drive into the UX Writing

NocNoc · March 18, 2023
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Welcome to NocNoc’s comprehensive UX Writing course, exclusively available on the MyDemy platform! In this engaging course, you’ll learn the ins and outs of UX writing, which plays a vital role in crafting exceptional user experiences. Explore the difference between UX writing and copywriting, deep-dive into intention and context, and develop a keen understanding of voice and tone. This course will also cover the psychological aspects of UX writing and how to create clear and concise interface text, as well as various research methods to inform your UX writing process.


  1. Introduction to UX Writing: Discover the fundamentals of UX writing, how words shape user experiences, the differences between UX writing and copywriting, and the UX writing process.
  2. Deep Dive into Intention & Context: Understand the importance of intention and context in UX writing, learn how to empathize with users, and create brief document templates to guide your writing process.
  3. Voice & Tone: Explore the concepts of voice and tone, understand the difference between human vs. robot-like communication, and learn how to create a consistent product voice that resonates with users.
  4. Psychology & UX Writing: Learn about memory, information processing, and various psychological principles that can help you create friendly and meaningful UX writing that resonates with users.
  5. Writing for Interface: Master the art of writing clear, concise, useful, and consistent interface text, learn about common text patterns, and practice writing various interface components such as titles, descriptions, labels, placeholders, buttons, confirmation messages, and error messages.
  6. Research in UX Writing: Understand the importance of research in UX writing, explore various forms of exploratory and validating research methods, and learn how to apply research findings to your UX writing process.

By the end of this NocNoc course on MyDemy, you will have a solid foundation in UX writing and the skills necessary to create user-centric, engaging, and effective content for digital products. This course is perfect for UX/UI designers, content writers, product managers, and anyone interested in improving their UX writing skills and creating better user experiences through the power of words.

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