Empathize User with User Research & Define User Need

Mydemy Thailand · March 17, 2023

Welcome to NocNoc’s Empathize User with User Research & Define User Need course, exclusively available on the MyDemy platform! This in-depth course will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge required to conduct effective user research, enabling you to better empathize with your users and accurately define their needs. You’ll explore various research methods and techniques, learn how to create a comprehensive research plan, analyze your findings, and present your insights to stakeholders.


  1. User Research Foundation: 1.1 Intro to Research: Understand the importance of user research in the design process and its role in creating user-centric products. 1.2 When to do Research: Learn about the appropriate stages for conducting user research within the product development life cycle. 1.3 Research Process: Explore the different steps involved in the user research process, from planning to analysis and reporting. 1.4 How to Set Research Question & Hypothesis: Learn how to create clear, focused research questions and hypotheses to guide your investigation. 1.5 Common Research Methods: Discover various research methods, including interviews, surveys, and observational studies, and understand when to use each method. 1.6 Finding Participants: Learn how to identify and recruit suitable participants for your user research.
  2. Create User Research Plan: Develop a comprehensive user research plan that outlines the objectives, methods, timeline, and resources required for your study.
  3. Conduct Observational Study & Interview: Learn the techniques for conducting observational studies and interviews, including how to observe user behavior, ask effective questions, and gather valuable insights.
  4. Survey: Understand the process of creating and distributing surveys, as well as how to ask well-structured questions to collect meaningful data.
  5. Survey Analysis: Discover how to analyze survey results, identify patterns, and extract actionable insights to inform your design decisions.
  6. Presentation: Learn how to effectively communicate your research findings to stakeholders through engaging presentations and visualizations.
  7. UX Research Tool: Explore various UX research tools and platforms that can help streamline your research process and improve data collection and analysis.
  8. Ending: Wrap up the course with a review of key concepts, and discuss how to apply your newfound user research skills to real-world design projects.

By the end of this NocNoc course on MyDemy, you will have developed a strong understanding of user research methodologies and techniques, empowering you to empathize with users and accurately define their needs. This course is perfect for UX/UI designers, product managers, and anyone interested in improving their user research skills to create more meaningful and user-focused digital products.

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